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Pill Paks - Help Promote Independent Living

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Do you or a loved one need help making sure doses of medications do not get mixed up? Or having trouble remembering if a medication has been taken? Our PIll Paks greatly reduce medication errors by eliminating the confusion that surrounds medications; such as when, how many, and at what time to take the medications. Each dose stays in its own sealed and protected blister pack until it is used - if the blister pack is dropped there are no worries of medications spilling. The blister packs make it easy to understand which is your next dose and you can tell at a glance if a dose was taken.

The Pill Pak is ideal for anyone who struggles with medication compliance and promotes independent living by eliminating the guesswork in medication delivery. If you don't take your medications correctly, you are not getting the greatest benefit from what your doctor has prescribed for you.

We offer several styles of Pill Paks and offer quantity discounts. Click Here to view them all.