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If your question is not answered below, please contact us. Please use email if at all possible.


Account is Optional

  • You do NOT need to start an account to order from



  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and check or money order through the mail. 
  • We accept mail orders! During the check out process, when selecting a payment method, select the "pay by mail" icon instead of the credit card icons. You will be directed on what to do.



  • See our shipping policies page.



  • Proceed as if ordering online. Select "request quote" instead of the credit card types.  A printable invoice will be generated that can be used for your procurement process. You will receive an order confirmation email, but are under no obligation.



Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • For any reason, you may return your item within 30 days of the date it was received for a refund.
  • The item must be shipped to us within 30 days, not arrive to us within 30 days.
  • If you are unable to physically ship the item within  30 days, please contact us for an extension of the deadline. Please use email if at all possible.
  • Shipping costs are not refundable under this guarantee.
  • You pay the shipping cost to return it to us under this guarantee.
  • See the procedure below for returning a product under this guarantee.

 Damage claims:

  • Contact us within 48 hours if your item arrives damaged or not functional, we will replace it free of any charge. Please use email if at all possible. Do not return the item to us unless requested to do so.


  • We UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEE our all of our products. If for any reason, the item does not work properly, arrived broken, breaks soon after purchase, please contact us and we will send a replacement.


Returning a Product


    To for the satisfaction guarantee:

    • No return authorization number is needed.
    • But you MUST include a copy of the invoice that came with the item. NO refunds will be issued unless there is a copy of the invoice in the shipment.
    • Use the address on the invoice for shipping the order back.
    • If you do not have the original invoice, contact us and we will email you a copy free of charge, or send you a copy to use for your return. Please use email to contact us if at all possible.


      • In order to eliminate confusion and ensure accuracy, we do not process exchanges.
      • Simply place another order for the item you want, and return the item you don't want for a full refund under the satisfaction guarantee.


      Privacy and Security

      Credit/Debit Card Numbers

      • The transactions are processed by They employ the  most up to date security protocols, and is one of the most trusted, most secure payment processors available.
      • We do not retain card numbers for any length of time for online orders. The payment is transmitted to the server, the payment is approved nearly instantly, and then the number is deleted from our server. The whole process takes milliseconds at the server level.
      • When the order is placed online, no employee has access to the number. Not the owners, the tech people, no one.
      • When the order is placed by phone, the number is retained for 60 days by a secure method that is not connected to the internet.


      • We do NOT sell contact information, ever. Not addresses, not email, not phone numbers, not anything.
      • No information is given to any other company or entity except when the item is shipped directly from the manufacturer. If this is the case, the fact that it the item is shipped from the manufacturer is disclosed within the item description, so you know beforehand that this will be happening. Only the minimum shipping information that is needed is given to the manufacturer in this case.
      • We do not call by telephone except as needed regarding your order(s). 
      • We will email you only as needed, and only specifically regarding your order(s).
      • We do not send any promotional email.


      Gift Wrapping

      • Although some of the products come with gift boxes or bags as detailed in the particular product's description, gift wrapping is not available.
      • Gift invoices are available if shipping to a different address. Specify that you need a gift invoice in the comments portion of the checkout process. 

        Extra Volume Discounts

        • Pillthing offers volume discounts for medical facilities, clinics and other related instutions. Please contact us via Email with details.



        • Pillthing offers imprinting on certain products. However, each item is different. Generally, the minimum quantity is high, please contact us for a quote.



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